Funerals and Memorials

This is your final tribute to your loved one. The purpose of a release here is to guide the soul of the departed "home".
This is actually a bit uplifting and comforting experience to all with a heavy heart .

We offer several packages with various meanings you can also call us to customize your own.

"Trinity" Release - One dove is released representing the soul of the departed. Then the release of three more doves to represent the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit which will help guide your loved one "home".

Family Release - A Family Dove Release involves the flight of one dove from every child of the deceased or other willing family participants

Military Release - Our armed forces services memorial is a sacred one - This is a free service for active military and armed service personnel. There are 21 birds released after the playing of taps and a moment of silence.

Local Heroes Release - This release is similar to our Military Release, however it is strictly designed for our LOCAL fallen heroes such as active law enforcement and fire fighting personnel.

All package need to be followed up with specific instructions and agreed on prior to the service

Last minute reservations are ok!!

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