Other than the actual exchanging of rings , there couldn't be a more symbolic gesture than releasing your pure white doves which dates back 4.5 thousand years ago. here is a quick synopsis of what it means to various religions/cultures:

White doves have been illustrated in art and literature for thousands of years.An Old world custom in Europe and in South Seas was to release he doves at weddings to symbolize blessings,peace,love and prosperity fro a married couple. Also used at funerals to symbolize the freeing of the spirit and special events as representation of love and joy!

These beautiful snow white doves play a key role in our world and deserve a place at our celebrations as they are beautiful and the symbolism that goes with them!

The Egyptian Dynasty believe its an inspiration it is an expression of love & unity as do many other cultures.
The Chinese culture regularly practice bird releases to ward off evil.they believe doves represent peace and a long life
In Christian Faiths they represent peace and love .
you can see this theme displayed at Christmas as well as, the bible referenced the importance of doves many times throughout its different books.
In mythology they were historically associated with gods and considered sacred!

As you see these beauties have been around for thousand of years and today's practices are more meaningful than ever as well as environmentally safe.

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