Everlasting Memories

Make your event memorable and special with the release of doves. We can accomodate special request. Please call for details.

We raise and train our birds ourselves. They are provided the best care any bird can get. Our "Doves" are pure white homing pigeons and are a symbol of peace and unity as they mate for life, making them the most symbolic at weddings.
Sarah (732) 492-7351

Hi, Thanks for stopping by Jersey Shore Doves! We'd like to take a moment to welcome you here and tell you a little about us.
First let me tell you , all WHITE DOVE RELEASES (ethical ones anyway) are actually pure white homing pigeons, which are also known as Rock Doves, hence, the ability to call it a "dove release"and have to be extensively trained ,properly immunized, fed and cared for by a proper trainer with love and experience.
Many people think they can release regular doves ( as found in the wild)or release any white bird without training them and you ABSOLUTELY can NOT do this as it is cruel as they lack the homing ability to come home and will essentially die as they are not trained to find food and water.You will see our birds are all micro chipped and banded so we can account for who and when they come home.and you should never do a bird release that doesn't have this and they are not practicing the proper care for the birds!
Now that you have that information, we can tell you, We are a husband and wife operation My husband Bill has been raising, training and racing birds for over 40 years.We have the knowledge , skill and experience in our field to make your celebration the absolute best it can be!
Bill has been a member of various racing clubs such as: Monmouth Park Racing Pigeon Club, Long Branch NJ, Monoc Homing pigeon club Allenwood NJ,Toms River Triangle racing pigeon club Toms River NJ,Jersey Shore Racing Pigeon Club Toms River NJ, member of Central Jersey Combine and International Federation of American Homing Pigeon Fanciers.

Now that you know about our history and have been educated about your dove release lets bring you to why you're here today.You have a special celebration you are looking to enhance and we can definitely do that for you , but lets go over a few rules of etiquette first!

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