As you may have already gathered, we spend a lot of time and patience caring, training and raising our birds .In return they provide us with years of happiness and joy. So you can understand

We will not release our birds in any kind of inclement weather such as :rain, high winds, snow, fog, etc,,,
We never participate in indoor releases, however birds can be displayed in doors with the agreement of the venue.
Our birds need to be set free at least 1 hour prior to sunset and can never be released at night.
A trained handler must accompany our birds at all times ,also for this reason, we do not ship sell or rent out our birds.
If your release is cancelled for an Act Of Nature we will issue 100% refund

If your release is cancelled for anything other than an Act of Nature, such as wedding is off schedule which results in late release, or cancelled occasion, etc.....we will use our discretion as it to if partial or any refund will be given.

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