Release by Hand, Cage or Basket in the Tri-State Area

Release by Hand, Cage or Basket in the Tri-State Area

Learn how to properly handle our doves for your release

The doves at Jersey Shore Doves are used to human contact. They are trained and kept by our professionals to ensure their safety and health for your release.

Each dove has a special tracking device that allows us to keep an eye on them while they return home to us in the Tri-State Area. And if needed, we're able to find a lost or stray dove after release. Once they are home, they are fed and cared for in safe, comfortable lofts.

For more information about how we handle and care for our doves, please call 732-492-7351.

Our code of conduct

We spend a lot of time raising, training and caring for our birds. In return, they have provided us with years of happiness and excitement. So, please understand:

  • We will not release our doves in any kind of inclement weather, such as rain, high winds, snow or fog.
  • We'll never do an indoor release. However, doves can be displayed indoors with the agreement of the venue.
  • Our birds need to be set free at least one hour before sunset and can never be released at night.
  • A trained handler must accompany our birds at all times. For this reason, we do not ship, sell or rent out our birds.
  • If your release is canceled due to an act of nature, we will issue a 100% refund.

Reach out to us today to schedule your white dove release in the Tri-State Area.